Dr. Karladine Graves: Call to Action!

Thank you for your support.  Center for Self Governance requested action items.  As you know the situation changes rapidly.  It will require updates from time to time. I am sure each of you knew this.

1.  The first action point is to PRAY!!!! I can not stress this enough.  Rather than telehealth we will call it telaprayer. Call one another, lift up the President, this nation, your families and each other.  Pray and agree together as a family or families on the internet, or the technology of your choice. 

2.  Call the White House: Comment line 202-456-1111. Switchboard 202-456-1414.  Switchboard should get you a real person. They will ask you who you wish to speak with and what about. As to speak with someone who could take your request pertaining to Covid19 pandemic. They will get you someone.

3.  Tell the individual you want President Trump to issue an executive order releasing Hydroxychloroquine, Chloroquine, and Azithromycin to Licensed physicians in ALL 50 states without restrictions. to be used as they clinically see fit, for pre-treatment, and known positive Covid 19 citizens. 

4.  Call your US and state Senators and Representative asking that restrictions to be lifted from physicians using and prescribing medications that in the US and around the world have    proven to save individuals from pain, suffering, and death. Local offices are sometimes better than DC office.  

5.  Call your Governor’s office asking them to stop compromising you and your families health.  Let physicians practice medicine not Bureaucrats.  Withholding treatment to their state citizens is a crime against humanity.

6.  For those who want to do OP EDs we can provide facts for you to use if you need them. 

7.  Call your state pharmacy boards.  Be sure they will allow physicians prescriptions for these medications to be filled, as the physician has written them. Tell them you intend to hold them    responsible for wrongful injury and/or death if it applies. 
8.  Tell your state board of health arts and your Governor not to threaten physicians with losing their medical license if they write for life saving medications treating Covid 19.

This is a lot to do but it can make a huge impact.  We hope to have a large number of citizens coming together later this week giving President Trump a land swell of public support. Today I spoke with someone who knows President Trump. They said he is very tired and he continues to be hammered by the deep state telling him not to release the hydroxychloroquine to physicians on the front lines. He needs public support and lots of it. 

They want to bring down Trump and America and at the cost of many lives. If WE don’t stop them they may have this accomplished within the next few months if not sooner.  Our economy will be tanked by then. That will be the time China asks for our loan notes .  Again,  I want to thank Mark Herr and Center for Self Governance in allowing us to share our concerns.  As I wrote to our President last week:  Yes, “Let’s Make America Great Again, but First Let’s Make America Well Again.” 

God Bless each of you.
Mutually Pledged
Karladine Graves