Marketing Kit

Looking to promote your Center for Self Governance training?  Let us help!

Download PDF version HERE:

Customize your own class flier to promote your training:  SelfGovernance-Editable Flier

Share our CSG Brochure.

Hand out our CSG Postcard

CSG Flashcards (Adobe PhotoShop (PSD) files):  CSG Flash Cards Back; CSG Flash Cards Front

YouTube videos:  Center for Self Governance

Tips & Techniques for Networking

  • Share on social media
  • Create a Facebook event page
  • Post fliers regarding upcoming training
  • Divide up phone numbers among team members to call
  • Mass text (Ex: Callfire)
  • Letter or postcard by mail
  • Radio
  • Host a guest speaker to bring in new potential students
  • Each team member makes a list of names that they personally would like to recruit for classes
  • Word of mouth