Testimonials and Endorsements

“The Center for Self Governance is one of the few organizations engaged in teaching the public how our federal government was designed to work. This is no longer taught in our public school system including the universities. Keep up the good work.” -Jim S.

“This is one of the few things that makes sense in this upside down world of politics.” -Tonya W.

“…This training is the best education tool to train people in how to utilize their civic authority. Keep on KTR!” -Anita H.

“CSG is the answer to my prayers.  Thanks for helping me to understand and teaching me how to make a difference.”  Cheryl S.

“This is the most knowledgeable group I have ever met on how to engage the process to save the republic. Their students are coming up with amazing legislative ideas…  I believe as they believe.”  -Courtney R.

“When it comes to engines most effective at civic empowerment and fostering self-governance, CSG is unrivaled. Keep the Republic!”  -Daniel H.

“I support you all because you have it spot on!” -Dorothy B.

“A great investment in liberty that will carry forward to future generations.” -Dan L.

“I believe in what you are doing.” -Lee J.

“The education you offer is excellent.” -Paul M.

“The best civics training ever teaching the people to keep the Republic.” -Viki P.

“It’s all about keeping the republic!”-James O.

“Keep those brushfires burning!” -Brian B.

“The Center for Self Governance needs to be all across America!” -Chris S.

“The Center for Self Governance is doing a good job to teach us how to be a better citizen and to save our republic!”  -Edith H.

“I believe in it.” -Gerald P.

“There is nothing more important than keeping the republic and no better way to do that than taking the CSG training and joining a KTR team.” -Michael G.

“Definitely improved my understanding of the constitution and my responsibilities as a citizen.”  -Steven S. 

“Better than giving to candidates or issues, CSG gives the most bang for your republic-keeping buck. When We the People are educated, it makes a lasting difference.” -Jim W.

“While I was in the class, and while Mark was teaching how to become more engaged, a light came on that made me realize that citizen responsibility is much more than just voting… It gave me hope and ignited a passion that I didn’t know was even there…No matter who we are, we have the capability of changing our society to whatever we wish it to be within the context of liberty…I feel honored to be learning about this, and am so glad to be a part of it.  The Center for Self Governance has come along for just such a time as this.”  – Karessa G., Texas

“CSG training provided me with exactly that ultimate push I needed to keep moving forward and has given me and a feeling of empowerment like I have never received before. They made me understand that citizens too can do things like these. For me, being from another country it was even harder to wrap my head around it all.  Not having ever been involved in the legislative process in the past definitely made things difficult for me. I had the fortune to get to know Mr. Kurt Potter.  He encouraged me and lent his expertise several times when I asked him of some specific questions and insights on important issues pertaining my cause. ” ~Daniela K., Tennessee

“Thank you, CSG, for offering such an enlightening and thought-provoking course of study at a time when it is needed the most!  It is remarkable to see how society’s thinking has become skewed and contrary to the founders’ intent.  Rebooting our thought process through this class is like opening a window to an entirely new understanding of governance…one that has actually been there all along.  Thanks to CSG, we can see clearly again, and get to work applying the ideals of the founders to save the republic!”  ~Linda C., Delaware

“The Center for Self-Governance changed the way I viewed politics, voter’s rights and responsibilities. The class was not only informative but eye opening. As citizens, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves about not only the Constitution as it was written but the language used to implement it. I strongly suggest others to get involved and take part in the CSG experience. Together we are able to Keep the Republic.”  ~Cierra H., Delaware

“Thanks to the CSG Team, all of you, working hard and passionately. Thanks. We are still enjoying the first level and really looking ahead to Level 2. We love the opportunity and challenge, and above all the cause… the dream of all men to live free and in an agreeable social contract. Millions have come and gone and never knew it… then millions come and enjoy it and can’t see it. Sad and Frightening. Thanks so very much for the founding vision and sweat and time and money to get to this point.” – Bobby J.

“Thanks so much to (The Tennessee Center for Self-Governance), for doing the class on Self Governance. I am 100% convinced that this class needs to be taught through-out America. The information covered was factual and focused on the solutions that can correct most of the issues in Government today. I pray this message will make it’s way all across this great country and change it for the better. Thank you again for all you are doing for Paul, CSA, Cookeville, TN Liberty.” – John W.

“These classes are not about party politics. These five levels teach us the tools the Constitution gave us to influence and help our elected officials, from local to National, perform the responsibilities we and the Constitution gave them. They are an integral part of returning our Constitutional Republic to it’s former glory of prosperity and peace. It is well worth the minimal effort it takes to participate and they have the best instructors in the world.  Check it out, you will not be disappointed.” – Tim S., Virginia

“As a Tennessee State Senator, I strongly encourage partnership with the TNCSG Team. I have personally experienced the impact an educated citizen can impose on the legislative process. The strength of our state requires your commitment to work with elected representation. The Tennessee Center for Self-Governance is the path I recommend to stake your claim to the commitment of self-governance and building the strong foundation Tennessee requires to preserve it.” – Mae Beavers, Senator, Tennessee