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Life is too short to spin your wheels.

  • Are you losing hope in our political system?

  • Are you tired of not being heard?

  • Are you new to the political process and don’t know where to start?

With CSG political leadership training, you and your community are empowered with political knowledge and leadership skills to fix our political system.

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It’s time to LEARN the system and take ACTION.

It’s time to LEARN the system and take ACTION.


Understand how government works.


Develop relationships with fellow citizens & those inside government.


Troubleshoot & maintain your seven boundary system of government.

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From Our Students

Ben Clymer

Unlike with many organizations that focus on “issues”, CSG is focused on building maintenance crews, or “Keepers of the Republic” and are shown how to maintain and Keep the Republic.

Ben Clymer

Tina Holan

CSG training has taught me how our government was designed and why, and how I can help maintain the boundaries as a citizen. Meeting CSG members from across the country was like finding “my people”. I would love to see this training in our public schools!

Tina Holan

Steve Canyon

Insightful, historical education on the Constitution and its ongoing relevance today. The training exercises revealed the urgent need for citizens to recognize and remind government officials of where power resides in our Republic.

Steve Canyon
Steve Canyon

You Are Not Alone

We know you want to be politically successful. We also understand your frustration with the political system. We've all been there. That's why CSG specializes in political leadership training.

Register for a class today so you can stop spinning your wheels and start maintaining your system of government. Together, we can create a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

How to you keep our seven boundary republic? Just follow these steps:

How It Works


Register for class.


Train with leaders from across the country online or in-person


Build a team of political leaders in your community and fix the system together.

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We Focus on the ENTIRE System of Government.

Like the human body or an airplane, government requires maintenance to remain stable and functioning.

Learning how to maintain government is a process of personal discovery and hands-on training. Let us guide you in becoming a government systems mechanic!

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What Do You Wish For America?

Do you want to stop #PWOG?

(Political Weaponization of Government)


Do you want to end #PWOL?

(Political Weaponization of Labels)


We're The Civics Class You Should Have Had In School

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