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Special Event

Freedom of Road Riders, 2015 FEW Seminar

Mark Herr, on behalf of the Center for Self Governance, will be speaking at this event from 1:00 – 1:45 pm.

About the organization:

Freedom of Road Riders is a motorcycle rights organization which incorporated in 1982. In the beginning the membership was dedicated to legislative advocacy and actively working to help enact laws addressing the special challenges riders face when they take to Missouri’s roadways. Thirty-two years later, with a membership in excess of 2000, the original message and purpose of this organization has been lost.
The FEW Seminar is a membership event focusing on the education of the members. Last year we explored the beginnings of FORR resulting in a new dedication to the purpose originally intended by the founders. The natural progression for the event is; we know where we came from, now where do we go from here?
The 2015 FEW will focus on what it means to be a member, the legislative process itself and teaching riders they are their own first line of defense. Legislative Process will end the morning sessions. Self Governance will begin the afternoon.

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