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Level 2 - Macro Understanding of Centralized Governance

Welcome back! Congratulations on completing Level 1!

Building on the Level 1 paradigm, the Level 2 student is introduced to the design elements of the U.S. mixed republican form of government. They will learn the logic behind and current structure of separation of governments (i.e. Federal v. State), the separation of powers (i.e. executive v. legislative), and the separation of controls (i.e. Sheriff v. Coroner). They will explore the inter-relationship between selection of elected, appointed, and employed governors and influencing (controlling) those governors. The student completes the Level 2 training exercises before entering Level 3. This level and associated exercises establishes the student’s basis of authority from which they will put self governance into practice in the remaining training levels.

Level 1 must be successfully completed prior to attending Level 2. Level 1 training exercises must be turned in the day of the Level 2 event (or prior to).

Your workbook is included in the registration fee.

Adult registration is $60.  Prior Level 2 students may review this class for $10.

Family discounts are available if you are attending with a child under 18 years of age.

  • Children who attend with a parent: $15
  • Children who attend on their own: $20

Other family rates are available.  Contact CSG for more information.

Supplies to bring include: paper, pen, and your enthusiasm! This is an interactive class and we look forward to hearing from you. Please dress comfortably and bring a sweater/jacket as facility temperatures can be unpredictable.

You must attend the full 7 hours to complete the course, as well as associated training exercises, to graduate Level 2.  Training cannot be taken out of sequence.

If you have any questions, please contact info@tncsg.org.

Students have the option to pay at the door.  Contact CSG (info@tncsg.org) to arrange.

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