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Author Steve Canyon

He created them male and female, blessed them, and named them “Human Beings.” – Genesis 5:2

From an early age, we learn that there is a distinct difference between girls and boys.  We are not interchangeable pieces, but rather unique and complimentary beings of the same species.  We are blessed in the sense that together, we may create new life and perpetuate our human existence on this planet.

As a man, becoming a dad is the greatest gift I could ever receive.  No bauble, electronic, piece of clothing, automobile, nor other earthly possession can ever match the treasure of a child.  Fatherhood is the destination of manhood; the final piece of the proverbial “male” puzzle.

The responsibility inherent in fatherhood is immense, but a welcome burden to men who recognize our role to be companion leaders of our homes.  Our duality is not an accident; fathers provide a complimentary and necessary “yang” to a mother’s “yin.”  It is thus not a surprise that research studies show serious economic and social harm to families where fathers are absent.[1]

Sadly, our society is increasingly at war with this duality.  We see it now with the omnipresent attack on womanhood and femininity, but this is just the latest battle in a conflict that has unfortunately gutted the traditional role of men in the nuclear family.  If our society is to survive, it is incumbent upon men and women to reassert the importance of both sexes—complimentary pieces of one whole—in creating and maintaining the familial foundation of our social order.

On this Father’s Day 2022, let us not just celebrate the role of men in our families today, but commit to restoring the biblical and natural balance that is a self evident reality of a healthy society.

Steve Canyon is a retired military officer.

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[1] The Father Absence Crisis [Infographic] (fatherhood.org)

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